Special Army Surprise For Aspiring Soldier Aged 9

Date: Thursday April 2, 2020 at 10:31am
Noah and his mother read the letter written by WO1 (RSM) Richard Armour of 156 Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps. Photographer: Corporal Rebecca Brown © MoD Crown Copyright 2020
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Young Noah Clarke-Roberts was hoping for a reply to a letter he wrote to his local Army unit saying he wanted to join when he grows up after studying the World Wars in school. 

But the nine-year-old from Birkenhead got more than he bargained for when the Regimental Sergeant Major personally delivered the reply along with a daysack full of Army goodies to his home in a 6-tonne MAN troop-carrier. 

A thrilled Noah was also invited to spend a day with 156 Royal Logistics Corp, based in Liverpool, after the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.  

Warrant Officer Class 1 Richard Armour, Regimental Sergeant Major at 156 Royal Logistics Corps Headquarters, Merseyside, said: “Last Thursday we received a letter from Noah writing a letter of support to the Army saying he wanted to help and join when he’s older and asking us to write back to him. He even took the time to draw some pictures and put a little toy soldier in the envelope. 

“It’s humbling to receive such support, especially from someone so young, and it touched quite a few of us around the headquarters and the squadron so we felt it was only right to send something back. We decided to put a little goody bag together for him and take it down in person and once we’re back to normality we’ll look to get him down so he can have a look inside the trucks, see what we do get him doing some marching with the troops.” 

Noah’s mum and dad Ryan and Danielle said he had been checking the post every morning since sending his letter in the hope a reply would arrive. 

When he saw a soldier and Army vehicle outside his door an astonished Noah said: “It’s unbelievable, I’m shocked!” He said he wrote the letter because he thought about how the people in the wars felt and that he wanted to help people in similar situations in the future if he could. He added: “It’s a tough job but I’d like to help our country.” 

Danielle said she thinks he could make a good soldier one day. She said: “He’s very confident, not shy, very kind – a bit cheeky sometimes. I have Googled to see how old you need to be to join the Army Cadets.” 

In his letter, Noah said: “Dear the Army, I would like to help you out when I am older I have loved learning about the World War 1-2 and I have bin on the big Navy boat in Liverpool  I have a good gun aim. I wish I could join the Army  I am fast. I will do loads of practise so if you like you can write me back please. And I do not like to do the health job which is cpr  from Noah Clarke-Roberts”


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