SSAFA Forces Help

SSAFA provides lifelong support to anyone who is currently serving or has ever served in the Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force.

We're ready to help you and your family, whenever and wherever you need us.

We want our Armed Forces (both Regular and Reserves), veterans and their families to know they can depend on SSAFA for support now and for the rest of their lives. Our values mean we are committed, practical and understanding.

SAFA works in partnership with other military charities and specialist organisations to ensure that those who turn to us for help get the support they need.

Working with charities
We work with hundreds of service and non-service charities to make life easier for our Armed Forces, veterans and their families. With every new case, our trained volunteers assess what support their client needs and help them to access this assistance. This often involves applying for funds from our partner charities. Last year, our volunteers raised an incredible £14.6 million on behalf of individual beneficiaries. During these visits they provide friendly advice and discuss the support our clients might need.

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