£330 million sonar contract for Dreadnought submarines

Date: Tuesday March 3, 2020 at 8:27am

Contracts to develop the ‘eyes and ears’ of Dreadnought submarines will create 170 jobs and secure 350 more across the UK.

Published 28 February 2020

From: Ministry of Defence and Jeremy Quin MP

Artist's rendering of Dreadnought class submarine

BAE Systems Submarines, which is building four nuclear submarines for the Royal Navy, has awarded work worth around £330 million to Thales UK.

The Dreadnought sonar system will be developed at the global technology firm’s sites in Templecombe, Somerset, and Stockport. The periscope - known as the ‘Combat System Mast’ - will be developed and manufactured in Govan with technical input from the workforce in Crawley.

Thales UK has been a trusted Continuous at-Sea Deterrence (CASD) partner with the MOD and Royal Navy since the first operation in 1969.

Defence Minister Jeremy Quin said:

"I am delighted to continue our 50-year strong partnership with Thales. These next-generation sonars and sensors will ensure our nuclear deterrent retains a stealth and detection advantage over adversaries."

"With over 500 jobs created or secured by this contract, we are clearly acting on the government’s commitment to level-up across the UK."

The fleet will also be equipped with Thales Sonar 2076; providing them with the latest in acoustic detection capability. The visual and situational awareness sensor will combine electronic warfare technology with cameras to provide the Dreadnought crew with a visual link to the sea surface.

Source : https://www.gov.uk/government/news/330-million-sonar-contract-for-dreadnought-submarines



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