AFF in action: New Inspiring Advert Explains What AFF Is

Date: Tuesday September 29, 2015 at 12:22pm

AFF is very excited and proud to announce the release of its first promotional short film as part of their drive to expand their reach and their message.  

The film, created by Inspired Films, was the idea of AFF Communications Director Beth Spencer who, together with AFF staff, developed a powerful and at times thought-provoking script to entice even more families to approach AFF; as well as help build new corporate and local authority contacts.  

Putting families first  

As an inclusive organisation, AFF recognised that Army families come in all shapes and sizes – Regular or Reserve, children or not, in the UK or overseas, as well as dual serving, divorced and single parents. AFF hopes this new advert will show all families that we can be trusted to listen, act and respond to their issues, whatever they are.  

The advert marks the start of a larger campaign to raise AFF’s profile. They chose the idea of cartoons as, being a family-focussed charity, this concept fitted perfectly.  

Making the next move clear  

AFF wanted the script to tackle as much of what AFF does in the 90 seconds available; they were keen for people to be able to watch the film and know what their next move should be – whether contacting our specialists for help with a complex issue, or submitting an article to our award winning magazine, Army&You.  

Beth Spencer says: “Our overall aim is to serve our families better than ever before – as they are, where they are. Our film is designed to inform, inspire and resonate with the audience. We will use it as part of a wider campaign to deepen our relationship with other charities, companies and local authorities to offer families the best support we can. We want to say a massive thank you to the amazingly creative team at Inspired Films who really understood us, our families, and what we need to do to make life better.”  

Be inspired

To watch AFF’s poignant advert, click here . Find out more about what AFF does at