Mike Jackson House - Supporting Veterans in Aldershot since 2008

Date: Monday March 2, 2015 at 11:14am
Mike Jackson House
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Since 2008 Riverside’s Mike Jackson House has provided accommodation and support for homeless Veterans from the Armed Forces, ranging from those whose careers were cut short to people who left after decades of service.

We cater for ex-Servicemen and women from all types of service background, including those struggling with issues such as substance misuse, estrangement from family, isolation, mental health problems, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and a variety of other support needs. Specialist Support Team

At Mike Jackson House our team focuses on providing specialist support to veterans. Our service includes:

  • Access to an Employment Mentor based on site (starting April 2015)
  • Substance Misuse Specialist – who works with the Drug and Alcohol Team to run a Veterans’ Outreach provision locally
  • Safeguarding Specialists and a Counselling Therapies specialist (trained counsellor) – we also source specific counselling services for Veterans
  • Help into Housing – working with the Stoll Foundations via the Veterans Nomination Scheme and Haig Homes through the Aldershot Pathway, offering an effective way of finding accommodation for Veterans.

The Cribb

Our team strive to find additional funding to increase the range of support we can provide and recent funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Grant and Church Housing Trust has enabled us to build a therapeutic, multi-purpose space for residents and groups in the community alike called The Cribb.  This much needed space has already proved invaluable for activities and it is also available for other organisations and groups in the community to us. Please get in touch with us if you are interested.  

Case Study  

"I’d served ten years in the Army and came here straight from Frimley Park Hospital. I’d had problems with drink at a particularly difficult time.  

“At Mike Jackson House I got the help with my alcohol issues and all during this time the team really helped me keep up my relationships with my family.

“They also helped me look at different training options and secured funding for me to start a forklift driver’s course. They also got me help from the local CAB for some debt issues.

“I was put forward to the Veterans’ Nomination Scheme for accommodation and received an offer of a bungalow with a bit of additional funding from the Royal British Legion to buy some furniture and household things.

“Once I’d moved out, the Mike Jackson team helped me make sure my tenancy and utilities were set up okay and I can still ask them for support if I’ve got any problems.”

Bill: Ex- Serviceman and former Mike Jackson House resident.  


Contact SPACES (Single Persons’ Accommodation Centre for the Ex-Services) to make a referral or for housing advice nationally: 01748 833797 www.spaces.org.uk

Contact Mike Jackson House staff team on 01252 785070 or follow us on Twitter @MJHRiverside