My Transition from Military to Civilian - Sean-Barrie Jefferies, ex RAF

Date: Friday January 9, 2015 at 8:43am

I left the forces after 9 years’ service determined to find a role within business working for a major corporate company.

My motivation to make the transition started after having children but I was extremely keen to find a role with status and high salary to match. I spent endless hours filling out applications and attending all the networking events I could, some of which resulted in interviews with some of the top banks, such as Barclays, but without experience and degree I couldn’t pass the final hurdle.

I found FDM Group they completely appealed to who I am. An individual who appreciated the skills learnt while serving, with the confidence to take them to the commercial world.

The ex-forces team at FDM were extremely supportive and fast tracked my application taking just under a week to complete the assessment day, interview and enrol onto the course.

My time in the forces allowed me to stand out immediately and within 2 weeks had several opportunities available, all with FTSE 100 companies.

My current role as a Business Analyst gives me the responsibility I enjoy, while making real significant changes to the infrastructure of these large global companies.

My advice for people making the transition is be flexible! Your career after the military, most likely, will never be straightforward. Finding that dream job will take time with twists and turns along the journey, however those twists and turns also provide opportunities in areas you may have never considered.

Of course put the time and effort in because finding a job in itself can be a full time job, see as many people as you can and do your research, good luck.

Sean-Barrie Jefferies