AFF celebrates 35 years of support for Army families

Date: Thursday May 4, 2017 at 8:12am

This year, military charity the Army Families Federation (AFF) is celebrating 35 years of support for Army families. 

Since its inception as the Federation of Army Wives Clubs back in 1982, AFF has evolved into a worldwide charity, working on behalf of all Army families – Regular and Reserve, wherever they are based, whatever their family make-up.

Facing challenge together

The charity has supported numerous families both through times of peace and during times of conflict, including in Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Kosovo and, more recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Over time, they’ve expanded into more locations across the globe including Germany since 1989, Cyprus since 1994 and now Canada, Kenya and EJSU too. With the addition of volunteer support, AFF’s footprint reaches even further. So many Army families have since passed through these locations on posting and, no matter where the Army sends them, AFF wants families to know that, with their team of dedicated overseas staff, they are never far from friendly, accessible support.

Becoming AFF

In May 1996, the charity became the Army Families Federation and continued their hard work to improve the lives of Army families, tackling the issues families face and ensuring the Army family voice is heard by the MOD, government and other decision makers.

Their work encompasses any area of a family’s life affected by the Army; this includes housing, employment, education, money, health, Foreign & Commonwealth and more. 

In addition to their work on the ground, their quarterly magazine Army&You provides a great snapshot of the Army community and has developed over the years into a professional publication dedicated to the families they serve.

Making sense of Army life’s changes

Army family life is constantly changing and AFF strives to secure, and then make families aware of, positive developments, which they hope improve the Army family experience.

F Chief Executive Sara Baade said: “At AFF, we are immensely proud of the work we do in support of Army families, but our work never stops. As Army life changes, so must our work evolve to make sure we remain a relevant and trusted source of information and guidance. We remain committed to putting families’ needs at the heart of all we do and, on your Army family journey, we’ll be with you every step of the way.” 

With the development of the Armed Forces Covenant, AFF continues to make sure the nation’s promise is truly meaningful, and works in collaboration with other businesses, charities and local authorities to bring the promises of the Covenant to life.

Watch AFF’s anniversary filmIn celebration of how far they have come, AFF invites you to take a step through history with their special, 35th anniversary film here...

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