2 Operational Support Group RLC

Whatever your background, profession or occupation there is an opportunity for a rewarding and exciting career in the RLC Army Reserve.

We are currently recruiting ex-regulars to fill appointments in Contract Management, Labour Support and a newly formed Communications Troop. Ask us about the financial incentives (£10,000) to join the Army Reserves.

A key part of the 'power behind the punch' is 2 Operational Support Group RLC. We provide specialist personnel to provide staff officers and staff assistants, contract management and labour support capability on operations. In addition, we also supply communications specialists to the Army Medical Services.

2 Operational Support Group RLC is made up of the following sub-units:

* 497 Staff Support Unit: Provides staff officers and staff assistants to support operational headquarters, including the Headquarters of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), a multinational NATO headquarters.

* 498 Labour Support Unit: Provides specialist staff to employ and maintain a local workforce wherever the army operates worldwide. These local staff range from interpreters to labours which offer vital support to our forces abroad.

* 499 Contract Management Unit: Provides specialist staff to ensure contracts that support our forces abroad, from transport to catering are provided effectively.

* 500 Communications Troop: Provides communications support to the Army Medical Services to ensure that provision for casualties is effectively delivered.?

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