Cappagh Group of Companies

Cappagh is a family owned contracting company offering a very diverse set of employment opportunities such as: construction, utilities, roads, airports, driving, plant operations, rail, recycling and drilling we are always on the lookout for talent to join our expanding team, we have a number of Ex Forces personnel working within our ranks.

You have probably benefitted from a service we have helped fix, build or maintain if you live or have visited southern UK. You may have drunk a glass of water, flushed the loo, driven to work, been fishing at the weekend, bought a new house or extended an old one, emptied your garage and had your rubbish collected.

These services are often taken for granted yet are essential to our modern way of living; our team of 600 is there 24/7 making them happen. Our work allows planes to land & depart from the UK’s busiest airport, we transport bespoke freight solutions across the UK, we partner with utilities ensuring necessary services like water, sewerage, gas and electric is supplied. We help developers connect new properties & at the same time provide them with raw materials to build, whilst recycling their waste.

We manage a huge highway drainage maintenance scheme for some of London’s busiest boroughs. We manage and recycle all our waste providing zero to landfill, we care for your environment and the people that live in it.

We are Cappagh.

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Transport, Logistics