Virtual Events

Why choose a Virtual Event?

The Virtual Exhibition is a comprehensive and holistic suite of services that provides both your organisation and quality candidates from the AFC with everything they need to bring about the perfect match in an online platform.

Why choose a Virtual Event?

  • Return on Investment – a highly cost effective way of attracting high quality candidates 
  • Brand Positioning – In terms of brand placement the virtual is a forward thinking media to be associated with
  • CSR – a 24/7 socially conscious exhibition (Carbon Footprint)
  • Time Management (out of office, team required, travel)
  • Travel – costs, weather, delays, breakdown
  • Costs – fuel, food, hotels, HR
  • Instant Access – for your company to reach potential candidates from the AFC
Virtual Events

In the BFRS job fair service leavers meet with leading industry employers, as if in person. Attendees can access the job fair from the comfort and convenience of their home or from wherever they are based. Irrespective of location or the time of day, attendees can log in and visit employer booths, apply for jobs and courses and watch employer videos and presentations.

Employers can tap into a large pool of highly trained, skilled and motivated candidates, while candidates can take advantage of the support, training and availability of higher-level jobs with reputable companies who value the skills and experience they offer.

The BFRS job fair aims to combine the benefits of making personal connections with the accessibility available through using technology.​

Exhibit Online

The British Forces Resettlement Services provides a wealth of support activities for service leavers including running physical events, which are complemented by the use of Omnivil. This strategic positioning means that BFRS has attracted a client base of blue chip national and international companies and a pool of high-calibre candidates.

Booths offer a range of functions/information facilities, which include:

  • Brochure downloads
  • Promotional videos
  • Vacancy & Training information
  • Social media links
  • Website link
  • Message facility - chat rooms, private chats
  • Video Chats​