BFRS Sponsorship

Armed Forces leavers are among the most committed, professional and self-motivated applicants in the job market and their skill set is a unique commodity in today’s competitive career market.

Not only are you raising your profile within the Armed Forces Community but you are gaining highly skilled and committed employees.

Raise your profile in the AFC with the help of BFRS Sponsorship Opportunities

If you want to maximise your exposure to the Armed Forces Community, the British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS), have a range of sponsorship opportunities available.  

“I thought the whole event was run extremely well, well organised and BFRS staff very helpful.” Rachel Shanley, Wolseley UK​

Raise your company profile

BFRS Sponsorship opportunities include;

  • High-profile exposure on the day of an event;
  • in the accompanying event magazine;
  • and as part of the event pre and post marketing;
  • online coverage on the BFRS website and dedicated emails campaigns

In addition to BFRS’s 34,000+ members, we also work with over 1,000 military intermediaries including;

  • Career Resettlement Officers
  • The Reserve Forces
  • HIVE Information Centre’s

Who  all promote our activities, meaning your profile would also be raised with them. ​

For more information, contact Dominic Hamberg at:

Email: Dominic.H@bfrss.org.uk

Support the Armed Forces Community

BFRS works with organisations that really want to position themselves as working alongside the Armed Forces community so that they become a highly recognised brand amongst the Service leaver Community.

“It’s a pleasure working with such a professional and supportive organisation.”  Tony MacDonald, BAE Systems

Unlike other sponsorship opportunities, this gives you the chance to be one of Britain’s biggest supporters of the Armed Forces Community.

Sponsoring one of our events gives you the opportunity to show your support for the men and women of our Armed Forces who need to find work now. ​



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