Armed Forces Community Job & Career Events

National Employment & Careers Fairs

Are you looking to recruit or train personnel from the Armed Forces Community?

Our events are a great platform for you to meet directly with Armed Forces personnel, whether they are still serving, have left already or are in the transition process from Military to Civilian life.

BFRS Events offer you access to;

  • Serving Personnel
  • Reserve Forces
  • Veterans
  • Partners & Families
  • Civilians who work for the MoD
  • Uniformed Services 

BFRS are committed to promoting opportunities from our partners and clients to the AFC in a number of ways;

  • Direct promotions to our ever-expanding membership database
  • Liaisons with community facilities to reach National and Local service leavers and their families
  • Media activity targeted at both local and regional press, including online, newspapers and radio coverage

To find out when and where we will be in 2019, click here...​

BFRS Company Hosted Career Days

Are you looking to fill your skills gap with candidates from the Armed Forces Community (AFC)? 

BFRS host Company Days for our clients that provides a unique opportunity to offer the Armed Forces Community a behind the scenes look at your company and industry.   

We run these exclusive days all around the country, with a format tailored to your organisational needs. ​

These provide a greater platform to gain more of an insight into specific companies and what is needed to be able to take that step to start their next career after the forces.

Not only will they provide a chance to meet, talk and network with recruitment / hiring managers from the companies hosting these events, but there will be informal presentations and talks about different aspects of their organisations

Benefits of getting involved;

  • Fill the skills gap within your organisation with highly skilled candidates
  • Raise your company profile within the Armed Forces Community (AFC)
  • Networking opportunities with other organisations in the same industry
  • Learn something new - you may find out something new about your industry that you can then implement within your own organisation


BFRS Virtual Events

The Virtual Exhibition is a comprehensive and holistic suite of services that provides both your organisation and quality candidates from the AFC with everything they need to bring about the perfect match in an online platform.

Why choose a Virtual Event?

  • Return on Investment – a highly cost effective way of attracting high quality candidates and at the same time increasing awareness of the company’s branding in a short space of time
  • Brand Positioning – In terms of brand placement the virtual is a forward thinking media to be associated with
  • CSR – a 24/7 socially conscious Exhibition (Carbon footprint)
  • Time Management (out of office, team required, travel)
  • Travel – time, costs, weather, delays, breakdown
  • Costs – fuel, food, hotels, HR
  • Instant Access – for your company to reach potential candidates from the AFC

Booths offer a range of functions/information facilities, which include:

  • Brochure downloads
  • Promotional videos
  • Vacancy & Training information
  • Social media links
  • Website link
  • Message facility - chat rooms, private chats
  • Video Chats


BFRS Job & Career Fair - Tidworth 2017