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  Location: London Venue Name: Cottons Centre Date: 7th July 2015  Time: 11:00-17:30   Have you considered a career as either a Project Manager or a professional IT Consultant when you leave the Forces?   FDM Group is an international IT services provider, offering opportuniti... (Find Out More....)

Welcome to BFRS

British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS) is a Social Enterprise created to help the Armed Forces Community with their transition into a civilian career. 

We know that your resettlement is more than just the brief time around you leaving the services, and that it isn't just personnel from the regular forces who are affected. This is why our services are open to service leavers, reserve forces, veterans, civilian MOD employees and partners and families, and it doesn't matter how long, or how long ago, you served.


We work with companies who want to hire from the Armed Forces Community. They know what you have to offer, and can give you the chance to bring this to a new civilian career, whether you've just begun your transition, or if you're looking for a career change further down the line. 


If you're looking to go into a new sector, or just want to get an edge on other applicants, courses and qualification can show an employer that you have the skills they need. Many of the training providers we work with have courses tailored with the Forces Community in mind, and some can even be part funded if you have ELCs to use.

Career Events

We hold Career Events around the country throughout the year were a selection of the employers, training providers and support service we work with exhibit. Whether you just want to see what your options are, or your looking for something specific, this is a great way to talk things through with the right people, and make some new contacts as well. 

Website Profile

Register on our website so you can apply for jobs and courses, track you applications, upload your CV and a job seeker profile, and sign up for updates.