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Ericsson, one of the largest and most forward-thinking companies in the rapidly changing field of information and communications technology, is building the Networked Society - in which anyone can connect to anything, anytime, anywhere. Creating the Networked Society is a big job and Ericsson is providing the equipment, software and services to transform our world through mobile connectivity.

Approximately 40 percent of global mobile traffic already runs through networks supplied by Ericsson. More than 1 billion subscribers around the world rely on networks that we manage. But those networks don't run and maintain themselves ¬and neither will the Networked Society. That's where you come in.

We are looking for talented, passionate Field Service Employees to help us build and maintain the technology that will empower us to realize the Networked Society.

As an Ericsson Field Service Professional, your role will be our boots on the ground, or in the air, to build, operate, repair and/or maintain the network, hardware, software and other telecom- and IT-related systems that enable the Networked Society.

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