Stoll provides rehabilitative support to vulnerable and disabled ex-Service men and women, acknowledging the sacrifices they have made for our country.

We are facing increasing demands on our services and need your help to sustain our vital work. Ever more Veterans leave the Armed Forces experiencing poverty, homelessness, addiction, poor mental and physical health among other problems. The Stoll Foundation is the only organization in the UK offering comprehensive, long-term solutions to these challenges.

At Stoll's core are 223 high-spec tenancies for ex-Service men and women. Each tenant is given a care, advice and support package tailored to his or her individual needs. For those with physical disabilities we comprehensive care and a range of activities to maximise quality of life. However, many younger Veterans battle with much deeper, social issues and Stoll provides intensive support for individuals that tackles not only the basics of accommodation, income and physical and mental health but also offers an array of services that facilitate their full and active participation in civilian life such as back-to-work programmes, apprenticeships, a wider range of health and wellbeing programmes as well as a range of advocacy and grants.

Stoll is the UK’s only charity providing the holistic support needed to fully integrate some of our most vulnerable Veterans back into civilian life.

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