Programme Taster Event - Manchester

Date: Thursday 6 June 2019 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Location: Clarke Willmott, 55 Spring Gardens, Manchester , M2 2BY

Spotting the Signs of Financial Misadventures – 6th June 2019 central Manchester

Finance Tricks and Tips for the Terrified Non-Financially Literate Non-Executive Director​

OnBoarding Officers is hosting a programme taster evening event to give potential delegates a chance to have a mini demo of one of the programme’s modules. Jo Haigh, Sunday Times and IoD NE & Yorkshire NED of the Year, will provide a short workshop on Spotting the Signs of Financial Misadventures.

“… a director is not relieved of the duty to pay attention to the company’s affairs which might reasonably be expected to attract enquiry, even outside the area of the director’s expertise.”

The recent financial scandals at BHS, Carillion, and Patisserie Valerie further demonstrate the duties board members and Non-Executive Directors have and that they should ensure they fully understand their legal duties and liabilities.


Rachel Reeves, Chair of the BEIS Committee commented “Misleading audits have been at the heart of corporate failures over recent decades. Repeated accounting failures have contributed to the collapse of major businesses and undermined public and investor confidence.” Directors may have lacked the skills required to address the challenges which faced the companies mentioned above, so it is essential before undertaking a role, candidates clearly understand their duties and at least the basics of being familiar with how to read and follow financial statements.

Taking into account the above, the workshop will cover:

  • Warning signs: in the audit report, strategic report, directors report and accounting policies
  • How to create profit from zero to hero but without cash
  • Build a balance sheet on sand
  • Contingent liabilities – what that means
  • Read the back page
  • Post balance sheet events
  • Exceptional items

This toolbox of takeaways will give attendees an intimate insight into just what the full OnBoarding Officers Programme has to offer – it’s unmissable.

The first ten attendees at the event will receive a copy of Jo Haigh’s best-selling The Keys to the Boardroom book.

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