Advanced Wireless Technologies

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This Module will cover advanced technologies and will enable and direct the student to gain a thorough concept of emerging technologies, including Next Generation Networks [NGN]; Students will explore, investigate, and critically analyse current and future solutions. Technologies covered in this module will include World-wide Interoperability for Micro-wave Access [WiMAX] and Long Term Evolution [LTE]. Students will perform professional planning software and evaluate the findings. Students will quantify their findings and incorporate the solutions into working models


An understanding of the radio frequency spectrum is required as covered in the Wireless and Radio Engineering course (7CS005). The ability to work with Microsoft Windows is useful; however delegates require no previous technical knowledge or experience of wireless technologies or 4g protocols prior to attending this course.

Course Content

- Introduction to earlier technologies
- Introduction to wireless and 4g networking
- Understanding wireless basics
- 4g Technology: An introduction
- 4g History
- How 4g works
- 4g Applications and services
- 4g Regulatory issues
- 4g and other broadband wireless futures
- Wireless bridge links
- WiFi mesh networks
- Wireless ad hoc networks
- Defining WiFi network requirements
- Assessing enterprise WiFi vendors
- Assessing WiFi network suppliers
- Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi or wireless VoIP)
- WiFi security
- WiFi network management
- Site surveys, design and implementation

Qualification - Level 7

To achieve the level 7 award individuals must complete
- Wireless and Radio Engineering
- Advanced Wireless Technologies
- Design and Implementation of 4th Generation Networks
- These courses combine to form the Post Graduate in Wireless Communication accredited by the University of Wolverhampton

Course Duration

- 5 Days lectures
- Private Study Periods
- Assignments
- Assessments or projects

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5 Days

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Start Date
15 June 2015