Success at the National Employment & Careers Fair - Absolute Enforcement

Date: Monday January 29, 2018 at 2:48pm

As an emerging and rapidly growing Enforcement and Security Company, it is vital that our two Director’s micro-manage their time effectively.  Their roles are convoluted and require dedication to deliver the constant needs of our growth strategy to ensure we:

  • apply consistent and timely service to our valued clients;
  • manage our existing team;
  • continually grow the team with new,
  • high calibre, personnel;generate a constant stream of new clients.

A pretty tall task for any business owner so, it was a pleasure, to find that at the National Employment & Careers Fair, on the 25th January, organised by the British Forces Resettlement Services, we were able to merge points 3. and 4. with ease.​


We asked our Enforcement and Security Director, Scott Foord, some questions on why he felt the day went so well for Absolute Enforcement?​

How did you prepare for this event?

“We invested a lot of time in making sure the stand and materials we took had clear messages for the personnel attending. Plus, we worked hard beforehand on both social media and at other events to ensure every individual attending knew a little bit about our business before they walked through the door!”

What impressed you about the event in general?​​​

“From the minute we arrived, it was obvious that the event was extremely well-organised.  The atmosphere was positive and there were plenty of personnel looking for new careers.”

What worked well for you as a Company at this event?​

“As a fairly new Company, it really is imperative that we get our brand seen by as many as possible so we focus heavily on industry connections and our social media pages.  It was great to see that our name was already on the list of personnel for a Company to talk to – and many ‘came to find us’.  This gives us the confidence that we are building our brand in the correct way and demonstrates that time spent networking with relevant organisations like Leavers Link and spending time growing our social media network is working.”


What was the calibre of the personnel like?​

“You could say I am slightly bias being ex-Military myself but I felt that each person we engaged with had all the transferable skills I would look for to enable them to succeed immediately as an Enforcement Agent for Absolute Enforcement.  It was also a great way of introducing EndeavourUK who can train each individual, using their ELCAS Funding, to the Level 3 Certificate for Enforcement Agents Taking Control of Goods Course which we insist on as part of the induction programme for Absolute Enforcement.  Our relationship with EndeavourUK really does give us the edge on other Enforcement Companies who attend these types of events as they cannot offer this service.”

Final comments?​

“A well organised, positive atmosphere and generally very successful event for Absolute Enforcement.  It really was worth the investment in both the marketing materials and the time we spend organising, promoting and attending this event!  We will definitely recommend and will be attending the next one for sure!”

A big thank you to Absolute Enforcement for exhibiting at our National Employment & Careers fair in Aldershot & for there feedback...


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