Meet the Team - Robbie

Date: Monday August 14, 2017 at 2:58pm

I'm Robbie Watson; I served with 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment and 1st Battalion The Mercian Regiment respectively. I joined January 2011 and left April 2016. I was a Section Commander and a Warrior Commander. 

How did you find your transition?

I personally really struggled with the transition. I was too focused on trying to match my wages, rather than find something I would enjoy. 

I started working for YODEL as a delivery driver, I worked out after 6 weeks that it wasn't for me. I went from being an infantry solider to delivering strangers items, it was a reality check. A reality check in terms of; it didn't matter if your CV is kitted out with all the known military buzz words, it meant nothing. I then spent 9 months working for Jaguar Land Rover, great company in terms of pay and progression, but just wasn't for me.

The reality is, not many (if any) people care about your past. Think about your future, plan accordingly and accept the fact that you might take a pay cut, you will have 3 strikes and your'e fired, you will have to tone down your language, you will have to say sorry and thank you. However, you HAVE to remember your reasons for leaving.


 What attracted you to working with the BFRS?

I think the biggest attraction for me, was that i could potentially assist others to find a new career rather than just a job. I really struggled the first 6-7 months after leaving the Army. I felt like i had to settle where I was, and that no one wanted to help me. I woke up one crisp morning towards the end of March 2017 and thought 'lets make a change' I even wrote that on my mirror in my bedroom as a little reminder. I came across BFRS during my endless searching for something new. I knew what BFRS were about, after attending one of their career events just before I left the Army. I knew it was something that appealed to me on a personal level. I started in April 2017 and I'm learning so much. 

You hosted Mitchells & Butlers recruitment day, how did you find this?​

M&B's recruitment day was really good. It was my first time hosting an employment event for Service Leavers and Veterans. It was also a huge learning curve. It was a great chance to get a feel of what I need to do to improve the next one. It also showed me how small the world is, an old friend whom I was in Belfast with attended the event, it was like we never left each other.

What skill set have you brought from the Forces into Civvy St?​

I was always quite a diligent JNCO in terms of my work ethic, I respected my Platoon Commander and his direction the same as any Managing Director, Line Manager or a Team Leader. Civilians work hard to get to those positions and i respect any man, women or dog who earned it.​

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