Meet the Team - Danielle

Date: Thursday March 8, 2018 at 12:47pm

What is your background Danielle?

I started my career within sales, recruitment specifically. I worked for Vodafone. I was made redundant then went to work for an agency that recruited for various large organisations. Disney was one of them, they were a really cool client. I then went onto work within an agency for the charity sector. I was recruiting people that were of the charity ilk, so that made a big difference as to the type of people I was recruiting.

I did that for 5 years, then I realised, I wanted to be part of the charity workforce. In London every 5 yards, there is someone sleeping rough. I am in the habit of sitting down with these people, having a chat, giving them cigarettes. Humanising them. When I am sat down with them, I am judged. The looks that people give, it is shocking. People judge you for sitting talking to them. It came to my attention that a lot of the guys i was talking to were ex-service personnel, which really touched a cord with me. It is so unfair that someone has donated their life to Queen and Country to be very swiftly forgotten about when they get back. I am very passionate about homelessness.

Is that what brought you to work with SSAFA?

I took a job as a fundraiser coordinator for the South West. I got to go to a lot of lovely Armed Forces events and met some fabulous old boys, who has fought in the Second World War. I met a lovely old guy called Arthur, who joined up with his brother. He was a Para and he told me all about ​Arnhem and how he got captured by the Germans, you don't get that kind of conversation off people my own age and I really respect what they've done. That was fantastic, SSAFA was a fantastic job. 

You obviously have a passion for wanting to help the Armed Forces Community, is that what brought you to working with BFRS?

YES! I moved to the Midlands from London, because I couldn't change my career in London and survive financially and I wanted to work for a not for profit company. I was looking around local charities​ and BFRS popped up. I think what BFRS do is so important and to know that the Armed Forces Community have support and help from BFRS is amazing and a big help to them. I am really happy here. The events are my favourite part. Selling the events is my role but attending the events is my favourite part, I love being able to speak to so many people. I am learning a lot about the Military working here.


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