Meet the Team - Amanda

Date: Monday January 22, 2018 at 10:25am

How did you find being an Army wife Amanda?

It had 2 sides, sometimes it was hard, because you had to do what you were told or you would get into trouble. If you had a rant on Facebook about your husband's boss, you had them calling you telling you to get rid of it, i did that once. Got into trouble. Was actually quite funny. I made some amazing friends that are like close family. You are closer to them than you are your friends on Civvy st because, your husbands are all in the same job, you all go through the same things. You are all in the same environment you are all on your own, so everyone helps out. 

Did the kids enjoy Army life?

Kids loved it, we had 5 kids in Germany and it meant we were on a street with families with 4 or 5 kids. They were all about your kids ages too, so they had friends where they lived, and they all went to school together, and the schools were fantastic in Germany.


How did you find the move back to Civvy st?

It was the most stressful thing I have ever had to deal with in my life! Rob left the Army in 2012 and no council would help us, it was really horrible. We faced the common problem a lot of ex-forces families face and that was getting a good credit score due to the fact we hadn't been on the electoral register as we had been in Germany. The Veterans' contact centre helped and we managed to get on the council house waiting list. We had 3 houses in 18 months before we got a council house.

Do you miss being an Army wife?

100% I miss the social life, i miss my friends, i miss the kids having good friends. And my dad was in the Army so i grew up within the Army it is a great way to grow up. It was fantastic growing up in Germany.

That is why I work here at the BFRS. I wanted to still be involved with the AFC and my transition wasn't an easy one, and when i am at the events I get the chance to meet people that are going through what I went through and I can hopefully help them. 



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