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Date: Thursday August 29, 2019 at 3:49pm


Leaving the Services with an Armed Forces pension is pretty straightforward. From about two years out, start thinking about your options and planning for the choices you’ll need to make to stay MoneyFit. Moving to Civvy Street is a big step. 

Your retirement pension depends on which Armed Forces Pension Scheme you're in.

Get a pension forecast

You can use the Armed Forces Pension calculator to get a pension forecast. Alternatively you can ask for a free, written forecast of your pension once a year from the Veterans UK (formerly SPVA).

The Forces Pension Society can also give you information and guidance on your pension entitlements. You will need to pay a small membership fee, but their advice is free.

The Armed Forces Pension Schemes are defined benefit schemes. This means that your pension depends on your length of service and your final rank (AFPS 1975) or final salary (AFPS 2005). AFPS 2015 is a career average scheme.

Life after the Armed Forces

Your financial situation will almost certainly change when you retire from the Armed Forces. If you have your own home, your mortgage might be paid off or you might use some of your pension lump sum to pay it off.

If you don't have your own home, you'll probably need to think about where you'll live, you can see our information in Buying a property or Renting a property at You may be able to take advantage of the temporary housing at the Services Cotswold Centre.

Your spending is likely to change now that you have more time on your hands or you start a new career. It’s a good time to revisit your budget and to get your finances ready for your new life – use our Budget planner (

The Royal British Legion and the many Service charities can help you as you start your new life, whether you’re going to take it easy or embark on a new career. Take a look at the Legion's Civvy Street website for masses of information about changing career. 

Resettlement entitlements

Having completed over 16 years of service you will be entitled to the maximum number of days of Graduated Resettlement Time (35 days), the Full Resettlement Package, an Individual Resettlement Training Grant of £534 and up to seven travel warrants for attendance at resettlement activities.

A comprehensive programme of briefings is carried out all over the country (and overseas) each year by the Forces Pension Society. Take a look at their website for the current programme, but always check with your local resettlement organisation in case there have been changes.


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