Keeping Fit with James Allen

Date: Friday December 27, 2019 at 3:38pm

Seated Squat:

Position the feet close to the chair. Push the hips back and down until you slightly touch the chair. Then push with legs and extend the knees until legs are straight again.


Advanced: Hold onto the back of the chair using it as support. Lower the hips down bending the knees until parallel and the drive through the with the legs to standing again.


Supported Lunges:

Hold the back of the chair with one arm. Put one of your legs to the back and lower the knees until you almost touch the floor. Then push with front and back leg to bring both legs straight again.


Advanced: The same thing but this time engage the core to keep balance rather than use the chair.


Kneeling Push Up:

Knees on the floor hands underneath shoulders. Slowly lower to the floor by bending at the elbows until chest is almost at the floor and the push all the way to the top again.


Advanced: This time have knees off the floor and hips and shoulders in line. Repeat the process above.


Pike Push Up:

Hold on to the chair. Keeping back straight lower head into the chair bending the elbows. Push back up to return to starting position.


Advanced: This time instead of the chair use the floor this will be harder to keep back straight. However gently lower head to the floor and back again.



Grab a weighted object. Lie flat on the floor, bring the object from the stomach all the way to the floor behind while keeping arms straight. Then return with arms straight once again.

Advanced: Use a heavier object or weight if you have one and repeat more slowly to engage back and core muscles more fully.



Hands on the side of the chair feet out in front. Gently lower your hips to the ground bending the elbows and then pushing back through making the arms straight again. If you find this difficult bring feet in closer to the chair.


Advanced: Having your feet further out will make this movement harder.


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