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Date: Thursday August 3, 2017 at 7:47am

Hire a Hero Career Coach Course

20th July 2017 I attended a 1-day course that I have been looking forward too for quite a while. The course was a volunteer Career Coach for a great little charity that helps service leavers transition into civilian street. The role of career coach is a  role that I can not wait to start. You see Hire a Hero helped me back in October 2013 when I left the Army after 12 years of service. I turned to them for help, I stumbled across them via google. I sent an email and I had an instant response and before I knew it I was getting the help I so desperately needed with my CV.

 I never forgot how they helped me when I needed it the most and Jennifer Lilly the lady at Hire a Hero then started to keep in contact with me and asked me how my job hunting was going. It felt nice to have that support and one that I was eternally grateful. I believe everything happens for a reason and I was meant to stumble across Hire a Hero and I was meant to be on the course three years later. I want to go into Life Coaching and what better way to start then helping this charity who are self-funded, which means they receive no money from the government which is great because if the funds dried up from the government then there would be no more Hire a Hero which would be truly terrible.

What I learnt on this course is that 55% of service leaver’s after they have left the forces realised they did the wrong courses and end up in jobs they don’t want or like, they then turn to Hire a Hero for help. What Hire a Hero wants to do is capture the 25% of service leaver’s at the beginning of their transition whilst they are still in the last few months of their Army Career and help and guide them so they do not become like the 55% service leaver. What do Hire a Hero do...

  • They connect service leavers with opportunities, and they have a great moto “They serve those who served us”. 
  • They help with employment by assigning service leavers with a career coach if they want one, who will check over their CV and do interview skills with them. 
  • Now you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink it and what I mean by that is the Career Coach will guide and help but they will not DO.
  • That is something the service leaver has to do and want to do. Hire A Hero has a jobs board, they can also support service leavers with searching for the appropriate training opportunities and funding sources. 
  • They work with trusted like minded training providers to ensure that all service leavers have access to credible training facilities and that their training needs are met and appropriate for their future careers. 
  • Networking is a big thing when you leave and this maybe why when Officers leave they have a bigger success rate of getting employment than lower ranks as they know all about networking, whilst others ranks may not. 

Hire a Hero is a ready made network of people available and willing to assist the service leaver in their job search. They have a pool of well-connected volunteers who can help the service leaver navigate the civilian job market. At least 60% of jobs are found through networking. Hire a Hero also has a mentoring service, a mentor will provide transitional support, whether employment, housing, welfare or financial advice. Hire a Hero cannot directly support your area of need, with the help of a mentor and through signposting to trusted partners and organisations, Hire a Hero will help you access the required and entitled support. Hire a Hero also aims to assist service leavers in gaining the most appropriate housing solutions by signposting service leavers to their network of charities, housing associations, organisations and UK councils.

They help anyone that have served just one day, also it does not matter how long you have been out the services they will also help. So if you are reading this and you are in the process of leaving the forces or you have already left and need some help or advice then please do not hold back and contact Hire a Hero on info@hireahero.org.uk. They are also on Linked In – Hire a Hero UK and they are on Facebook – hireahero. You can also drop me a message on Facebook JustLisaBrydon I will be more than happy to help.

By Lisa Brydon -  http://www.justlisabrydon.com/index.php/2017/07/23/hire-a-hero-career-coach-course/


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