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Date: Friday December 6, 2019 at 2:41pm

After the loss of a friend they served with, Dan Arnold and SJ James, formerly of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, looked at the systems and services in place and identified three areas where they could use technology to improve mental health care for veterans and service personnel. To deliver these solutions, they created All Call Signs; a peer support network for the military community.  

All Call Signs’ primary aim is to connect members of the Armed Forces community who may be low of mood or living with service-related mental illnesses, to other veterans and service personnel who can support them in their time of need. Through a web application available at, those wishing to reach out can hit the ‘chat now’ button and immediately be connected to one of over 500 volunteer listeners, all with lived experience of military life.


All Call Signs have also created a search and rescue platform called Beacon, for when veterans or service personnel go missing and are believed to be at risk. This app harnesses the power of social media, the military community and drone assets to quickly form search parties with the aim of bringing the at-risk individual back to safety as soon as possible. In the year since the platform was created, it has been launched 53 times with 47 successful recoveries.

In the last couple of months, All Call Signs has launched its newest service called Caseworker. Caseworker provides a single point of contact for those who maybe accessing care through multiple entry points.

Dan Arnold said “So many of the veteran specific services are run by charities or organisations that exist outside of the NHS. If you’re in a vulnerable state or dealing with a service-related mental illness, then it can be difficult to negotiate your own care, especially when it spans multiple points of contact or multiple issues such as healthcare and housing. Our Caseworker platform is solving this by providing cross-agency oversight. This means fewer missed appointments, less stress on the user and ensures that you’ve always got someone in your corner”  


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